One of the best leading companies in the Arab world ,full Syrian investment with high qualified staff ,holding Doctorate grades and MBA's while experience had take more than 20 Years of their age ,to know more go to Rayess Shipping Page .

Rayess Trading ,and trough long years of business on the Syrian grounds cold move millions of tons of raw materials , food items ,building materials .etc, to know more about R.T ,please don't hesitate to visit her web page

-- News Room --

Rayess Shipping is looking to beat the 1 million Tons in less than a year The Horizon : A new fashion show covering the 2004 new Designs for Spring and Summer, is scheduled in 6Th\2004.

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-- Partners --

Rayess Kingdom Group Partners, are spread all over the world as any human will certainly share us our love to our mother earth and nature...

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-- Support --

Rayess Kingdom Group, and through her long experience does believe that all of her staff must have what they need to give her what she needs...

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-- Global Compact --

June, 2006 was a perfect date for Rayess Kingdom Group companies to
mutually join the Global Compact and to share the world leading organizations’ and corporations’...

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-- Business Strategy --

Each company in our Group does have her independent Marketing, financial, administration strategies...

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The Extract of Roses

The Extract Of Roses, Simple but makes difference ,these were the words which our marketing dept. could only say about our Fantastic creams ,as they do have full natural building from the mother nature ,with the pure powers of The Syrian Royal Roses ,to know more just click on this special Rosy Web Page..

Rayess Marine Agency

With honor ,and respect for the new great Syrian Law for private Marine Agency , Rayess Kingdom Group could launch her new Service and Dept. as per the Syrian laws ,therefore we congratulate all of our partners of vessels Owners ,as they will not again hesitate to fix their vessels for Syria as Rayess Marin Agency is here ,to know more please click the following link....

Rayess Stevedore

Rayess Stevedore ,is a Dept. From Rayess Kingdom Group ,made to give hand For Rayess Shipping and Rayess Agency ,with more than 100 worker, full Equipped ,not mentioning the bulldozers ,Grabs with small or high cubes, Trucks ..etc ,for our amazing services please click to be amazed more..

Al-Andalus Restaurant

The only restaurant in Tartous ,which does know what you do need from your first visit, it's a place for all people to meet ,with special services connected to our Marine Agency.

The Horizon

With Amazing Group of Various Fashion designers ,The Horizon could become true ,all what we\you can do ,just clicking on the following link for you to see more ,while we expect more...